Men's Yoga Shoji Yogi Studio

Men's Only Session Yoga Class

SYS is a men's only yoga studio is a class mostly done in nudity

Neakd Yoga. You can take group Lessons and man-to-man lesson.

There is aiso a Massage(Thailand OIL Massage or Indian OILMassage)

There are also sessions where you can get yoga and massage.

(name is Yogaage) Just Yoga. Massage is OK

We a looking forward your visit.

Yoga master SHOJI(ショウジ) メンズヨガ・ゲイヨガ・新宿

Weekly Lesson Schedule


15:00~18:00 man-to-man or Massage

21:00~22:00 GroupYoga Class BiginnerYoga 60min(NakedYoga)


17:00~22:00 man-to-man or Massage


17:00~19:00 man-to-man or Massage

19:30~20:30 GroupYoga Class BiginnerYoga 60min(NakedYoga)


17:00~20:00 man-to-man or Massage


15:00~17:00 man-to-man or Massage


17:40~18:40 GroupYoga Class BiginnerYoga 60min(NakedYoga)

19:00~20:00 man-to-man or Massage


13:00~14:00 BiginnerYoga 60min(YogiStyle)

※It is GroupLesson on Sundey only clothing or under wear.

14:30~16:30 man-to-man or Massage

17:00~18:15 GroupYoga Class World Wide Yoga 75min

Group Yoga Class

●60mins Yoga 3,000Yen JP

●75mins Yoga 3,500Yen JP

Man-to-Man Yoga


60mins 4,000Yen 75mins 5,000Yen 90mins 6.000Yen JP

●tantoric imagesex yoga

Black Tantra 30mins 8,000Yen JP Meditation Only

RED Tantra 60mins 12.000Yen JP → 10,000Yen JP DeoYoga&Med

Raja Tantra 60mins 15,000Yen JP Tantric Yoga & Med


Thai Land Massage 60mins 8,000Yen JP

Thai Land Massage 90mins 13,000Yen JP

Thai Land OIL Massage 60mins 8,500Yen JP

Thai Land OIL Massage 90mins 15,000Yen JP

Tantric Massage 70mins 10,000Yen Jp

Tantric Massage 100mins 15,000Yen Jp

Yoga&Massage set

Yoga & Massage1 15,000Yen JP

Yoga & Massage2 20,000Yen JP

Yoga & Massage3 25,000Yen JP

Yoga & MassageSP 30,000Yen JP

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